Skiing for Health and Pleasure

When your doctor emphatically declares, “You look over-weight!”, and you say you want second opinion, then he adds in “You look ugly!” If this is how you get battered, it is time to do some ground work and get your body to shape. If you are bored of gyms or aerobics, start barking the right tree where you get fun with work. Hence, winters are no excuse to sit cuddled together; pack your ski gear or make use of the customer friendly site like, The Clymb and head for the snowy mountains.


A Balm for your Mind

Getting around with your hectic professional lives, at the end of the day you may be pent up with murderous emotions. You may have been a statue with pigeons sitting on you the whole day long. For your change of emotions instead of hitting a bottle, head for the mountains. No sooner you hit the snowy mountains all the sins of the world are forgiven. The scenic beauty is a balm to your aching soul not tripped upon by medical sciences. The picturesque views and the serenity are a delight to you and very good for your mental health, any doc can vouch for it.

Cross Country Skiing

Make your metabolism fire on all cylinders by wheezing on the snowy slopes and venture off for cross country skiing. It is fantastic exercise which works out your upper and lower muscles. It is a great calorie burner which can burn as much as 950 calories each hour on your skiing. It is a cardiovascular exercise and great way to build up your stamina as it requires endurance, and from continues practice you will find your body endurance capability increase.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing has its own thrill and differs from cross-country skiing. It is a bit simpler and more relaxing as you don’t have to push hard. Even then it is a good cardiovascular activity, and you can burn up to 350 – 500 calories each hour. And downhill may be easier; but not to forget that you do have to climb all your way up to the top with your gear, which in itself is a good exercise. And when you are sliding down, you have to balance yourself and your calves-muscles, quadriceps, abdominal muscles, and your hamstrings are all called into play.

Shed fat, gain body strength and maintain good balance of mind. Do skiing at least one hour per day and visit your doctor after a month, and watch his mouth drop. To motivate you further there are discounts of up to 70% off retail at The Clymb for you to get your skiing gear. Just move on, it is time to shed some fat.

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