Scariest Places To Be This Halloween


You are a brave soul who doesn’t have to sleep nights with the lights on. You can watch the scariest movie all alone in a movie theater feeling no hint of fear. You could be the one who could sleep peacefully in the night while marooned on an island with no trace of another human being. You could be telling your kids the tales of your bravado. You can do all of it because you have never come face to face with a ghost yet. The day you do, perhaps things will change forever. If you wish to put your courage to the test, why not visit one of the scariest places this Halloween? Here is the list of the scariest places you can be and don’t forget to take your

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family along.

Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome, Arizona

Back in 1927 a hospital was opened in Jerome, Arizona which was perhaps the most medically advanced facility of that era. But within 30 years, following some unfortunate events, the businesses got shut down in Jerome, mines got closed, the population of the town reduced to less than 100 and eventually the hospital was shut down too. There were no takers for it until 1994 as people claimed it to be haunted. They often spotted a woman in a white dress standing on the balcony. There were reports of cries being heard too from the building. In 1997 it was redesigned as Jerome Hotel. The employees of the hotel still see the woman in the white dress. There are stories of another ghost of a hospital employee being spotted. Hotel employees also say that the lights flip on their own and doors open themselves.

Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A construction worker died while the hotel was being built. It was an unfortunate start but not many paid heed to it and the hotel did get built at full swing. During the peak times, the hotel used to be occupied with guests and the business went as usual. During the off season

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time the hotel was rented out to run a school for young girls. Another unfortunate event happened when one of the girls fell off the roof and died. It is still not clear whether the girl committed suicide or was pushed but ever since people have reported ghost sightings of the construction worker and the girl. People complain of hearing footsteps when no one is

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around and toilets flush on their own.

The Whaley House – San Diego, California

This house has

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been rated as the most haunted house by America’s Most Haunted, a Travel Channel’s documentary show. The Whaley House was named after Thomas Whaley who built the house in 1850s. The house has been used for many purposes since then. It is said that the house was built over a site where a thief was executed. After moving in, Whaley reported of hearing footsteps. Whaley’s daughter, who was abandoned by her husband, also committed suicide in the same house. Since then many instances of ghost spottings have been reported. Although Whaley’s daughter’s ghost was never spotted, Whaley himself along with his wife have made appearances. Another girl, who people think of as Whaley’s children’s friend, has also been seen in the dining room. The girl had reportedly died of neck break after being accidently stuck in a clothesline.

Stone’s Public House – Ashland, Massachusetts

The inn had remained abandoned for decades until someone decided to buy it in 1976. When people started witnessing strange things in this 150 year old inn, like doors opening on their own, lights turning on and off on their own, hearing footsteps when everyone was sleeping, the owner decided to call in the spirit experts. Many of the experts came and could not explain the events. But all of them consistently reported experiencing some strange sensation in the function room upstairs. One night, one of the employees became excessively restless and panicky for no reason. Only after a few moments birdseeds started falling on the floor where he was standing. Many other such instances of strange activities have been reported too.


So if you are planning to make this Halloween really spooky these are the places you should be. Due to a lot of publicity, these places have become tourist attractions. If you are bored of celebrating Halloween the usual trick-or-treat way, you can pack your bags and visit one of these places for a new kind of adventure.

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  1. Maria
    November 12, 2013 at 3:29 pm (2 years ago)

    Crescent Hotel & Spa sounded so nice for a weekend getaway but that was before reading the story. I am never going there.

  2. Preity
    January 7, 2014 at 1:14 pm (2 years ago)

    Wow! i think I will head for San Diego next Halloween! wish me luck! :)


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