5 Secrets That Never Crossed Your Mind During Your Airplane Journey


Most people are in the notion that airplane journey is very repetitive and boring every time because you know everything about it in advance including the same old rules that you have to follow each time while boarding and de-boarding. The thinking is not completely wrong also because once you have travelled in airplanes for 4 times then the only new thing left is the lunch menu that is going to be a surprise element for you. But apart from the superficial travel rules, there are certain very interesting facts about air travel that have never crossed your mind probably or you just brushed one of them aside thinking of the question to be very lame to be asked.

Did you think curtains are opened to enjoy landing view?

While the plane is landing, the passengers are always asked to open the airplane curtains or blinds. Now don’t lie if you are also the one who really thought that is done to enjoy scenic view of the airport while landing! Actually the curtains are opened so that in case of emergency the evacuators from outside can view the interiors from the airplane windows so that they can be guided in their operation. The evacuators would be able to see the exact positions of people before they barge in.

Choosing aircraft seats closer to windows or exit might not work

There have many so called `research based findings’ that suggest that you should buy the tickets for the seats that are closest to the exit doors. Also, these studies suggest the next best booking option is the window seat rather than the corner one. Actually the fact is that no seat can be touted as the safest one and the degree of risk that you’re prone to depends entirely on the situation or type of accident. In fact, contrary to the reports, you should think that the corner seats can also save you more in case of impact based collision. In such a case, the people sitting on the window seats will suffer more injury because they will be in direct contact with the aircraft body.

Bird collisions even with such a big plane be really fatal

The accidental encounters and collisions of airplanes and birds have been occurring since the time the airplanes went into operation. The seriousness of the collision of birds with the aircraft depends upon the point of contact. Most of the times small birds come in the way of aircraft body which is not a problem at all until the collision occurs with the fuel emission system of the aircraft. There have been few rare instances of plane crashing because the colliding bird got trapped inside the fuel emission cavity which caused hindrance in the operation of the plane. Also, if some bird comes suddenly in the direct view of the pilot, then there are miniscule chances of him losing the control for a few moments. But usually the pilots are trained for such possible occurrences.


The flight crew doesn’t have the authority to change the seating

A few people might have witnessed that the cabin crew helped them in getting their seating changed due to some serious health complication. Otherwise no matter how much you try to coax the flight attendants, they don’t have the slightest authority to change your seating from economy class to business class while the aircraft is flying. In fact, the flight attendants can’t even ask someone to exchange their corner seat with your window seat if you’re feeling sick. You would have to request someone yourself personally to help you out. However, you can ask about seat reshuffling at the help desk prior to the take off of the plane to see if they can accommodate your `justifiable’ request.

Does your heart thump when you’re asked not to stand during flight?

Actually it may not have happened with you at all. But many a times when the plane is at high altitude and it is moving at an exact speed, then also you are asked not to stand up or even remove your seatbelt. The instruction for not standing up in the mid of the flight for a few moments may make you go week in the knees thinking that some issue with aircraft operation has cropped up. But the actual reason is that the plane might be moving with auto pilot button that time because the pilot might have gone to attend the nature’s call.

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  1. Maria
    November 12, 2013 at 3:40 pm (5 months ago)

    People who are afraid to fly are usually most scared by the landing while the statistics show that most planes crushed during taking off.

  2. Preity
    January 7, 2014 at 1:20 pm (4 months ago)

    OMG! Air travel makes me sick! But the info is really useful..thanks


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