5 Scariest Places to spend Halloween To Chill Your Spine


With the Halloween season round the corner, you must have planned your Halloween costumes already to show up at some `garage turned haunted house’ type spooky party. Although it is pretty adventurous to go for trick and treating late at night roaming on the streets in your vampire costumes, but have you ever thought of spending the Halloween night in real scary style? So, just pack your bags and head to one of these scariest destinations which can be called as the `black hole’ of the earth if you really want a freaking Halloween worth remembering or err… dreading.

The Prague town or the town of Executions

Located in Czech Republic this town `Prague’ has been extremely popular among the daredevils for tourism who want to experience the dreadful aura of this execution site where one million dead bodies have lie buried in the cemeteries. The town’s beautiful landscape can be enjoyed during daytime while the night is for trick and treating with the haunted souls that are rumored to roam around.

The creepy `Sleepy Hollow Cemetery’ for partying

This Halloween destination is so popular in New York that you would need to plan in advance to avoid tourist chaos. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is famous for the multiple visuals of headless people riding on horsebacks across the area as reported by local nearby residents. The cemetery even organizes tours during the Halloween season where the tourists can visit the horrifying area in groups for celebrating the night of fear. Nearby villages will serve as resting spots for tourists which have equally adventurous surroundings.

 Local authorities too fear the Bhangarh Fort

Although Rajasthan, India is known for its beautiful forts belonging to ruling dynasties, but the Bhangarh fort in this city is known for the witchcraft that entwines this beautiful red colored fort. Locals too fear lodging at the fort where it is said that residents might die due to the ancient curse. For the believers of science, isn’t this enough of a Halloween challenge to at least camp near the place?

Argentina’s Recoleta Cemetery where dead comes alive

The Recoleta Cemetery located in Argentina looks very beautiful during day time due to off white colored idols of Mother Mary and Jesus adorning the entrance which has beautiful stone carvings. But locals report that they have seen many ghostly creatures near the place. Finding graves that have suddenly been dug open by a woman’s soul who was buried while she was still alive is not a surprising element anymore. The place is scary enough to clot your blood.

Mexican city `Oaxaca’ hosts the best Halloween party

If you’re used to spending Halloween night with a bunch of friends then for a change you can visit the scariest and biggest Halloween party that is held at the Oaxaca city where almost the whole town turns up on the street in the scariest of costumes to trick and treat with each other while visiting graveyards collectively to make candy offerings to the dead.

The aura of the town is very scary too with human remains like skulls etc used as decorative items.

2 Comments on 5 Scariest Places to spend Halloween To Chill Your Spine

  1. Maria
    November 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm (5 months ago)

    You are right about Prague. I’ve been there, some places can be really scary even during the day.

  2. Preity
    January 7, 2014 at 1:19 pm (4 months ago)

    Halloween is freakingly funny. Me and my kids enjoy every bit of it. :)


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