Skiing for Health and Pleasure

When your doctor emphatically declares, “You look over-weight!”, and you say you want second opinion, then he adds in “You look ugly!” If this is how you get battered, it is time to do some ground work and get your body to shape. If you are bored of gyms or aerobics, start barking the right tree where you get fun with work. Hence, winters are no excuse to sit cuddled together; pack your ski gear or make use of the customer friendly site like, The Clymb and head for the snowy mountains.


A Balm for your Mind

Getting around with your hectic professional lives, at the end of the day you may be pent up with murderous emotions. You may have been a statue with pigeons sitting on you the whole day long. For your change of emotions instead of hitting a bottle, head for the mountains. No sooner you hit the snowy mountains all the sins of the world are forgiven. The scenic beauty is a balm to your aching soul not tripped upon by medical sciences. The picturesque views and the serenity are a delight to you and very good for your mental health, any doc can vouch for it.

Cross Country Skiing

Make your metabolism fire on all cylinders by wheezing on the snowy slopes and venture off for cross country skiing. It is fantastic exercise which works out your upper and lower muscles. It is a great calorie burner which can burn as much as 950 calories each hour on your skiing. It is a cardiovascular exercise and great way to build up your stamina as it requires endurance, and from continues practice you will find your body endurance capability increase.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing has its own thrill and differs from cross-country skiing. It is a bit simpler and more relaxing as you don’t have to push hard. Even then it is a good cardiovascular activity, and you can burn up to 350 – 500 calories each hour. And downhill may be easier; but not to forget that you do have to climb all your way up to the top with your gear, which in itself is a good exercise. And when you are sliding down, you have to balance yourself and your calves-muscles, quadriceps, abdominal muscles, and your hamstrings are all called into play.

Shed fat, gain body strength and maintain good balance of mind. Do skiing at least one hour per day and visit your doctor after a month, and watch his mouth drop. To motivate you further there are discounts of up to 70% off retail at The Clymb for you to get your skiing gear. Just move on, it is time to shed some fat.

Scariest Places To Be This Halloween


You are a brave soul who doesn’t have to sleep nights with the lights on. You can watch the scariest movie all alone in a movie theater feeling no hint of fear. You could be the one who could sleep peacefully in the night while marooned on an island with no trace of another human being. You could be telling your kids the tales of your bravado. You can do all of it because you have never come face to face with a ghost yet. The day you do, perhaps things will change forever. If you wish to put your courage to the test, why not visit one of the scariest places this Halloween? Here is the list of the scariest places you can be and don’t forget to take your family along.

Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome, Arizona

Back in 1927 a hospital was opened in Jerome, Arizona which was perhaps the most medically advanced facility of that era. But within 30 years, following some unfortunate events, the businesses got shut down in Jerome, mines got closed, the population of the town reduced to less than 100 and eventually the hospital was shut down too. There were no takers for it until 1994 as people claimed it to be haunted. They often spotted a woman in a white dress standing on the balcony. There were reports of cries being heard too from the building. In 1997 it was redesigned as Jerome Hotel. The employees of the hotel still see the woman in the white dress. There are stories of another ghost of a hospital employee being spotted. Hotel employees also say that the lights flip on their own and doors open themselves.

Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A construction worker died while the hotel was being built. It was an unfortunate start but not many paid heed to it and the hotel did get built at full swing. During the peak times, the hotel used to be occupied with guests and the business went as usual. During the off season time the hotel was rented out to run a school for young girls. Another unfortunate event happened when one of the girls fell off the roof and died. It is still not clear whether the girl committed suicide or was pushed but ever since people have reported ghost sightings of the construction worker and the girl. People complain of hearing footsteps when no one is around and toilets flush on their own.

The Whaley House – San Diego, California

This house has been rated as the most haunted house by America’s Most Haunted, a Travel Channel’s documentary show. The Whaley House was named after Thomas Whaley who built the house in 1850s. The house has been used for many purposes since then. It is said that the house was built over a site where a thief was executed. After moving in, Whaley reported of hearing footsteps. Whaley’s daughter, who was abandoned by her husband, also committed suicide in the same house. Since then many instances of ghost spottings have been reported. Although Whaley’s daughter’s ghost was never spotted, Whaley himself along with his wife have made appearances. Another girl, who people think of as Whaley’s children’s friend, has also been seen in the dining room. The girl had reportedly died of neck break after being accidently stuck in a clothesline.

Stone’s Public House – Ashland, Massachusetts

The inn had remained abandoned for decades until someone decided to buy it in 1976. When people started witnessing strange things in this 150 year old inn, like doors opening on their own, lights turning on and off on their own, hearing footsteps when everyone was sleeping, the owner decided to call in the spirit experts. Many of the experts came and could not explain the events. But all of them consistently reported experiencing some strange sensation in the function room upstairs. One night, one of the employees became excessively restless and panicky for no reason. Only after a few moments birdseeds started falling on the floor where he was standing. Many other such instances of strange activities have been reported too.


So if you are planning to make this Halloween really spooky these are the places you should be. Due to a lot of publicity, these places have become tourist attractions. If you are bored of celebrating Halloween the usual trick-or-treat way, you can pack your bags and visit one of these places for a new kind of adventure.

Best Places To Get Frightened This Halloween


With Halloween around the corner, you don’t want to be travelling to the most beautiful places in the world. Let’s spare those places for another day. How about getting scared a bit? Any other day it could sound like a whacky idea but not when the end of the fall is catching up and the official “horror day” is knocking on your door. So what are you planning to do this Halloween? Dress up your kids in those ghostly outfits and let them loose on the streets to trick or treat? Of course that’s a lot of fun but how about taking your fun (read fear) a notch up and making this Halloween a little more eerie? Here are some places to visit to make your day even more dreadful.

The Queen Mary Ship

Some say the ship’s haunted. The designers have left no stones unturned to make it look like one. There are not one but many events which will get your heart pounding. If one fails to scare you, the others will. Six petrifying mazes, ugly bloody monsters, zombies and dark alleys will give you a spine-chilling experience this Halloween. So pack your bags to be on this Ship still harbored at Long Beach, CA. Don’t worry, it is not just the creepy chill the ship has to offer. There are cafes, bars, lounges, restaurant and other places to chill out too.

The Hangman’s House

Do you know the legend of Hangman? There was this serial murderer in late 19th century who derived some sadistic pleasure in killing the people in the most vicious way – he hung his victims to death by the Trinity River. One day he was found and was hanged by the lynch mob just like his victims. They left him hanging all night locked up in a barn. When they came back the next morning, the dead body was gone. Based on the same legend is the Hangman’s House of Horrors which will feature the most horrific things this year, exactly the way Hangman’s ghost could have asked for. If you really wish to frighten yourself, get your tickets booked for Fort Worth, Texas where Hangman lives.


If you want to be at Thrillvania, you should be checking tickets availability to Terrell Texas. And you have every reason to be here this Halloween as this haunted plantation has everything that can send shudders down your spine. There are four major attractions this year. Verdun Manor, a psychotic werewolf with his wife Lady Cassandra carried out insane experiments on the human bodies until they were torched by a mob. You confront their spirits in their own house. While you are walking through the deserted labyrinths don’t forget to keep an eye on the deadly creatures which are waiting to pounce on you.

Bates Motel

When you step into the Bates Motel in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, make sure you have prepared yourself well for the scariest experience of your life. Whether you are walking down the dark alleys, or checking out the mysterious interiors or witnessing computer generated light and sound effects, you will certainly get a spooky feeling. If all of it isn’t enough, the hay ride through a haunted forest full of evil spirits will do the trick for you.


Fright Factory

The story goes like this. At the time of great depression factory workers were losing their jobs and it left a lot of them insane. The Government failing to figure out what else to do with them, hoarded them in a mental asylum. Unfortunately they were left on their own there and many of them died not knowing how to survive. Fright factory was one such asylum. And they say the place has remained haunted ever since. While inspiring some big Hollywood projects such as “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” it also became a major attraction for fear lovers. This Halloween, nothing will get scarier than being in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and visiting this factory.

Scream In the Dark

Scream in the Dark, formerly known as Chamber of Chills, will be setup outside for the first time in a parking lot in Bakersfield, California. They have become masters in the art of fear and creepiness with amazing sound and light effects. The ghosts and monsters you see seem so real that you cannot tell they are actors. It is not just the actors but the entire setup including costumes, makeup, and attention to detail that will overwhelm you with fear.

5 Scariest Places to spend Halloween To Chill Your Spine


With the Halloween season round the corner, you must have planned your Halloween costumes already to show up at some `garage turned haunted house’ type spooky party. Although it is pretty adventurous to go for trick and treating late at night roaming on the streets in your vampire costumes, but have you ever thought of spending the Halloween night in real scary style? So, just pack your bags and head to one of these scariest destinations which can be called as the `black hole’ of the earth if you really want a freaking Halloween worth remembering or err… dreading.

The Prague town or the town of Executions

Located in Czech Republic this town `Prague’ has been extremely popular among the daredevils for tourism who want to experience the dreadful aura of this execution site where one million dead bodies have lie buried in the cemeteries. The town’s beautiful landscape can be enjoyed during daytime while the night is for trick and treating with the haunted souls that are rumored to roam around.

The creepy `Sleepy Hollow Cemetery’ for partying

This Halloween destination is so popular in New York that you would need to plan in advance to avoid tourist chaos. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is famous for the multiple visuals of headless people riding on horsebacks across the area as reported by local nearby residents. The cemetery even organizes tours during the Halloween season where the tourists can visit the horrifying area in groups for celebrating the night of fear. Nearby villages will serve as resting spots for tourists which have equally adventurous surroundings.

 Local authorities too fear the Bhangarh Fort

Although Rajasthan, India is known for its beautiful forts belonging to ruling dynasties, but the Bhangarh fort in this city is known for the witchcraft that entwines this beautiful red colored fort. Locals too fear lodging at the fort where it is said that residents might die due to the ancient curse. For the believers of science, isn’t this enough of a Halloween challenge to at least camp near the place?

Argentina’s Recoleta Cemetery where dead comes alive

The Recoleta Cemetery located in Argentina looks very beautiful during day time due to off white colored idols of Mother Mary and Jesus adorning the entrance which has beautiful stone carvings. But locals report that they have seen many ghostly creatures near the place. Finding graves that have suddenly been dug open by a woman’s soul who was buried while she was still alive is not a surprising element anymore. The place is scary enough to clot your blood.

Mexican city `Oaxaca’ hosts the best Halloween party

If you’re used to spending Halloween night with a bunch of friends then for a change you can visit the scariest and biggest Halloween party that is held at the Oaxaca city where almost the whole town turns up on the street in the scariest of costumes to trick and treat with each other while visiting graveyards collectively to make candy offerings to the dead.

The aura of the town is very scary too with human remains like skulls etc used as decorative items.

5 Secrets That Never Crossed Your Mind During Your Airplane Journey


Most people are in the notion that airplane journey is very repetitive and boring every time because you know everything about it in advance including the same old rules that you have to follow each time while boarding and de-boarding. The thinking is not completely wrong also because once you have travelled in airplanes for 4 times then the only new thing left is the lunch menu that is going to be a surprise element for you. But apart from the superficial travel rules, there are certain very interesting facts about air travel that have never crossed your mind probably or you just brushed one of them aside thinking of the question to be very lame to be asked.

Did you think curtains are opened to enjoy landing view?

While the plane is landing, the passengers are always asked to open the airplane curtains or blinds. Now don’t lie if you are also the one who really thought that is done to enjoy scenic view of the airport while landing! Actually the curtains are opened so that in case of emergency the evacuators from outside can view the interiors from the airplane windows so that they can be guided in their operation. The evacuators would be able to see the exact positions of people before they barge in.

Choosing aircraft seats closer to windows or exit might not work

There have many so called `research based findings’ that suggest that you should buy the tickets for the seats that are closest to the exit doors. Also, these studies suggest the next best booking option is the window seat rather than the corner one. Actually the fact is that no seat can be touted as the safest one and the degree of risk that you’re prone to depends entirely on the situation or type of accident. In fact, contrary to the reports, you should think that the corner seats can also save you more in case of impact based collision. In such a case, the people sitting on the window seats will suffer more injury because they will be in direct contact with the aircraft body.

Bird collisions even with such a big plane be really fatal

The accidental encounters and collisions of airplanes and birds have been occurring since the time the airplanes went into operation. The seriousness of the collision of birds with the aircraft depends upon the point of contact. Most of the times small birds come in the way of aircraft body which is not a problem at all until the collision occurs with the fuel emission system of the aircraft. There have been few rare instances of plane crashing because the colliding bird got trapped inside the fuel emission cavity which caused hindrance in the operation of the plane. Also, if some bird comes suddenly in the direct view of the pilot, then there are miniscule chances of him losing the control for a few moments. But usually the pilots are trained for such possible occurrences.


The flight crew doesn’t have the authority to change the seating

A few people might have witnessed that the cabin crew helped them in getting their seating changed due to some serious health complication. Otherwise no matter how much you try to coax the flight attendants, they don’t have the slightest authority to change your seating from economy class to business class while the aircraft is flying. In fact, the flight attendants can’t even ask someone to exchange their corner seat with your window seat if you’re feeling sick. You would have to request someone yourself personally to help you out. However, you can ask about seat reshuffling at the help desk prior to the take off of the plane to see if they can accommodate your `justifiable’ request.

Does your heart thump when you’re asked not to stand during flight?

Actually it may not have happened with you at all. But many a times when the plane is at high altitude and it is moving at an exact speed, then also you are asked not to stand up or even remove your seatbelt. The instruction for not standing up in the mid of the flight for a few moments may make you go week in the knees thinking that some issue with aircraft operation has cropped up. But the actual reason is that the plane might be moving with auto pilot button that time because the pilot might have gone to attend the nature’s call.

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